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Weeks of tough work. Training and briefings. Growing excitement. Speculations, analyses, interviews. A match day arrives. Silence in the streets just before the kick-off. Viewers gathered before TV sets. The full stadium. The atmosphere of great expectations and feast. Pride felt during the national anthem. The moments of weakness and doubts… Our Team scores a goal! The stadium madness. Overwhelming joy. A great spectacle. Being moved by the National Team performance.

We are part of this process – we provide services to sport industry entities such as national sport federations, companies managing sport leagues, clubs and athletes.

Our expertise

Negotiations and supporting business

Analysing strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. Gathering information. Designing talks strategy. Making initial contact with the other party.

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Court disputes

The contractor behaving unfairly. A problem which seems insoluble or rather the problem which is not yet solved.

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Marketing and advertising

The initial idea props up. The phone call made at the end of the working day. The request for urgent consultation. The problem arises. A short question but not an easy answer.

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Intellectual property and personal rights

Identifying values not perceived through the senses. Discovering intangible goods. The act of creation. The added value. The concept. The innovation.

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